SPECTRUM XXI Festival 2017


“SPECTRUM XXI” festival, is the only worldwide event dedicated to spectral music – one of the major trends in experimental and contemporary music. The festival will hold its Eleventh edition in 2017.

Spectralism is a leading idea, a true paradigm in today's music, which brings together different musical trends, however, with similar concerns on sound, timbre, color, harmonic spectrum.

In 2017 concerts will be held in Bucharest ( Romania), Krakow and Warsow (Poland), Belgrade and Kanjiza ( Serbia) . The project is carried out by a worldwide renewed ensemble dedicated to experimental music, HYPERION INTERNATIONAL a bunch of stunning musicians from eight different countries ( Romania, Israel, UK, Germany, Serbia, USA, France, Switzerland):

Tim Hodgkinson ( clarinet, bass clarinet), Yoni Silver ( bass clarinet, violin), Andrei Kivu ( cello, tuba, trumpet), Edward Lucas ( tombone), Chris Cutler, Alex Jonovic, Colin Hacklander ( percussion), Tijana Stankovic , Diana Miron ( Violin), Albert Markos ( cello ), Zachary Rowden, Shmil Frankel, Laurentiu Cotac, Adam Scheflan ( doublebasses). Special guests: Oreb Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley (e-guitars) Conductors: Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram.Also, prsent in the festival, the young experimental ensemble of improvised alternative music - PFA Orchestra.

The concerts will be accompanied by creative workshops and meetings including the launching of the last CDs of Edition Modern serie featuring works by spectral composers Dumitrescu and Avram.

Spectrum XXI is realised by the Romanian Community of Electronic Music – CREMAC, in partnership with Sacrum and Profanum festival, Krakow, Romanian Cultural Institute, Warsaw, Ring-Ring Association, Belgrade, Kolarac Hall, Belgrade, Kanjiza Jazz Festival, Subotnica-Kanjiza (Serbia) Sambata Sonora ( Bucharest-Romania).

Media partners: The Wire ( London), Radio Resonance 104.4 FM London, Romanian Cultural Institutes, NK Projekt (Berlin)

Edition supported by Romanian Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN) and the “ Creative Europe Program” of EU. Spectrum XXI – 2017, is a part of the multi-annual project “Interfaces”

« A scientist of sound and a heretic running amok in the cathedral of contemporary music, Romanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu and his wife Ana-Maria Avram create shock and awe through their polyphonies of polluted noise. Philip Clark hears now a surreal dream set off a lifetime’s quest to reduce music’s atoms to undiluted matter. »Philip Clark: Unstable Molecule. « The Wire », London, issue no 309, Oct 2009

“In their own way the two Romanians are realising the ancient dream of a music based entirely on timbre, but stripped of any impulse towards hyper-rationalism, or nature-conquering engineering. Each thing is unique and nothing is transposable into anything else. A music which departs from knowledge to arrive at consciousness, which departs from the known so as to destroy

it and flirt with the unknowable, turn its back on what merely is so as to invent a possible.

Above all, this is a scouring physical experience. Marvellous.”

“I had never heard the Fate that knocked at Beethoven’s door as intensely as in the music of Avram and Dumitrescu”

Guillaume Ollendorff: Excerpts from Mouvement review, (dec. 2011 and october 2012 )

The International Festival of Spectral Music

September-October 2017

Bucharest-Kanjiza- Warsaw-Krakow-Belgrade

Project co-financed by

Romanian Cultural Fund


ICR Warsaw

Kanjiza Jazz Festiival



Sacrum Profanum


Ring Ring Association


Festival Nova Belgrade

Sambata Sonora


Asociatia Jumatatea Plina

A project curated by Hyperion International Ensemble under the batton of Iancu Dumitrscu and Ana-Maria Avram and realised by CREMAC Association