“ Dumitrescu’s music  is spectral, electroacoustic, but above all it is a coherent totality grounded in a different conception. Of all living composers, Dumitrescu is the one who has most exploded sound. Dumitrescu's work is a negation, from the depths, of everything in contemporary music symptomatic of distraction, of banalisation, and of a radical loss of purpose. His music is not a new convolution in the knot of modern music, but an unravelling of the curse. (...) One of the first pieces I heard was “Pierres Sacrées”;  I was very struck - as were many other people - by the sound of this music. It seemed quite unlike the usual sound of contemporary composed music. It had far more distortion, noise and violence. There seemed to be a shift away from stable fundamental frequencies, and a greater emphasis on the unstable aspects of sound...”           


Avram's music is particularly remarkable because of the very real warmth with which she imbues each of her pieces. Whether composing a solo work which she herself performs, or a piece for electronics, pre-recorded tape, and an entire chamber ensemble, Avram has a brilliant flair for the dramatic paired with a sense of subtlety that lends great contrast and excitement to each moment of each of her works. (...) These clips included here are just a few examples of the already deep contributions Avram has made, to the world of New Music” .  WFMU Radio Station

Romanian Avant-garde Spectral and Hyperspectral music collection. Features CDs by Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram, Costin Cazaban, Octav Nemescu, Gérard Pape, Petru Teodorescu and historical recordings restored by Dumitrescu and Avram

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Hyperion Ensemble is a group of interpreters and composers having for declared aim the development of a new aesthetic program - prefiguring a new avangarde in music, whose main definition is - spectrality . Hyperion was founded in 1976 by the composer Iancu Dumitrescu.

“Spectral music is not an epiphenomenon, an accident, an odd eccentric point on the musical map, deprived of any consequences, but a vast ocean, fed by numerous rivers and brooks increasingly vigorous . Besides, spectralism comes in Romania from a natural language, at an anthropological level,  directly connected to the very acoustic base of the sound”http://www.spectralmusic.org/INTERFACES/HOME

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